Survey Regarding A!SMART's Overseas Website

This is the survey screen designed for overseas users of the online Japanese artist merchandise shop, A!SMART. Please answer the questions with reference to the overseas site, rather than the Japanese site.
*The answers you give to the survey questions will be used for the sole purpose of improving A!SMART. We are unable to provide individual responses to opinions or requests.

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6.On what type of device do you usually view A!SMART?(Required)

7.What artists, movies, dramas, and anime works do you enjoy?(Required)

8.Is the A!SMART website easy to use?(Required)

9.Please give your reason for answering 8.

10.Would you like us to consider changing any of the following items in future?(Required)
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12.Are there any products related to artists, events, anime works etc. that you would like us to stock in future?

13.Are there any social media sites or apps that you usually use a lot?(Required)
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14.Generally, when you purchase artist merchandise, CD's, or DVD's, etc., do you use any online shopping websites other than A!SMART? If so, which?

15.Please note down any other opinions you may have regarding A!SMART's services.